Healthy people build healthy communities!  When children and adults in our community have access to quality healthcare, adequate nutrition, and opportunities for physical activity, they thrive and become more productive at school and work.



United Way commits to reducing the childhood obesity rate in central Massachusetts by 10% by 2020.

To reach this goal, United Way of Central Massachusetts focuses their grant making on programs that

  • Reduce rates of obesity in school age children
  • Increase access to health/mental health services


Between 2007 and 2011, the obesity rate for children 10-17 remained relatively the same with a half-percentage point increase to 30.5%.

United Way of Central Massachusetts invested nearly $232,000 so more than 27,000 people were able to access healthy food at a school or in a neighborhood.

United Way of Central Massachusetts has invested nearly $1.8 million in eleven mental health programs, which served nearly 9,800 individuals.

Our Health Partners

  • Children's Friend
    • Ellsworth Counseling Center
  • Community HealthLink
    • Support for Success
    • TFK
  • Family Health Center
    • Positive Directions
  • The Bridge of Central Massachusetts
    • Safe Homes
  • UMass/HOPE Coalition
    • HOPE Coalition
  • Regional Environmental Council
    • Food Justice

For a full list of all programs we fund, and for a descriptions of these programs, click here.