On June 11, 2019, Honorary Co-Chairs Nancy Crimmin, Becker College President, and Mary Lou Retelle, Anna Maria College President, hosted the Women’s Initiative’s 2nd Annual Power of the Purse event. It was a fun evening of camaraderie and solidarity in support of violence prevention programs and financial literacy education for middle school girls in Central Massachusetts.

During the event, they both shared their thoughts on the Women’s Initiative’s impact in the community:

Nancy Crimmin, Becker College President:
“Women’s Initiative is such an amazing organization for what it does for middle school girls. It helps with key areas of their lives where they really could use support, specifically financial literacy, talking about healthy relationships, and making good choices. My favorite part of the Women’s Initiative is the mentorship aspect, and what mentorship can do for young girls in the city of Worcester. I know so many people who were beneficiaries of the United Way when they were younger. Now, for them to be a part of the Women’s Initiative and give back as successful professional women has been very rewarding to see.”

Mary Lou Retelle, Anna Maria College President:
“The Women’s Initiative has always been an important factor not only at Anna Maria College, but for me as well. The Women’s Initiative is all about showing opportunities for our young girls, spending time with them, and helping to take them to the next level. I love the excitement that young girls have when they meet women leaders in the community. You can see the light come on when they see that opportunities can be as wide as they hoped for in their lives. Knowing how many good mentors I had growing up, it’s so important, so impactful to be able to give back.”

For more information on Power of the Purse, go to our events page.