The Long-term Impact of United Way Loaned Executives

An interview with Don Doyle, president/CEO, Webster Five

As president and chief executive officer of Webster Five, Don Doyle is especially keen on helping talented young professionals in his organization to develop and hone their skills.


In 1986, when he was a young professional himself, just starting his career in banking, Don had an opportunity to serve in the United Way of Central Massachusetts’ Loaned Executive program.

In this interview, Don reflects on how serving as a Loaned Executive helped him professionally and personally, and why he encourages rising stars in his organization to also serve as United Way Loaned Executives.

UW: How did serving as a United Way Loaned Executive help you in your career?

DD: To begin with, it was a great hands-on opportunity to train and practice some of the core skills that any professional needs to advance in their career; like project planning and management, public speaking, time management, and sales skills. Also, it was a real eye-opener for me, where I learned about some of the most important issues in our community. Not only how United Way programs help solve these problems, but also about personal accountability and how every individual can make a difference and help bring about positive change.

UW: How have those insights guided you in your role as president and chief executive officer?

DD:  Our great leadership team at Webster Five has made it a priority to create opportunities for our organization and our employees to be involved in the communities we serve. Our “Web of Caring to Make a Difference” program provides employees with many ways to get involved by volunteering their time and talents. And the Webster Five Foundation also provides grants to local non-profits focused on improving access to education, culture and the arts, and social services—which generally align with the goals of United Way of Central Mass.

UW: How does having employees serve as Loaned Executives benefit your company?

DD: Beyond the practical matter of developing the professional skills I mentioned—the public speaking, project management, sales, etc.—our employees who serve as Loaned Executives carry the Webster Five flag in the community in a very meaningful way. They help demonstrate that our organization is not just about the business of banking, but also about helping build the communities where our customers live and work. And I know that, just like I did, they are gaining valuable insight into the important issues and, hopefully, developing their own sense of commitment to community service. Commitment to the idea that the only way our problems are solved, is when we work together. When we LIVE UNITED.

Loaned Executive Reception

Learn more about our Loaned Executive program at our Loaned Executive reception, Wednesday, July 25, 4:30-6:00 p.m., at Worcester PopUp, 20 Franklin Street, Worcester.